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Mother Mary Went The Distance

“As we celebrate this most joyful time of year, let’s not forget to pause and ponder the true reason for the season….” Read the rest of this excellent post HERE which discusses Mary, the Mother of Jesus being a fitness champion! What a woman!

This beautiful video, entitled “The Nativity” was produced by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Amy Grant’s song “Breath of Heaven” has been placed over the original soundtrack which fits beautifully.

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  1. [...] vbc.style.visibility = ‘hidden’; e.style.backgroundColor = ‘#fff’ }); }); Dec 2008 Mother Mary Went The Distance trackback from post [...As we celebrate this most joyful time of year, let's not forget to pause [...]

  2. Good night. this webblog is absolutely fine!!!! I am pretty sure I`m coming back to see new posts!!

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