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Week 14 Medifast V-Log

5 Responses

  1. I just watched this vlog and the previous one. Plateaus suck. I am sorry to hear that you have been on a plateau this long. I have hit plateaus along the way. I may be on one right now, but am so pleased at where I am, that I’m not highly motivated to lose more at the moment. I think I am going to try to maintain through the holidays and then maybe make a new year’s goal for that last 10 or so pounds.

    I know that you still want to lose about 20-30. I know that you can do it. I don’t know anything about Medifast, so I can’t help you there. I do know that I was also in the Obese category when I started this journey. The first 20 or so pounds were fairly easy for me to lose also (once I started counting calories and making better choices). It does get harder when you get that first big chunk off.

    I wish there was a magic wand that we could wave to make our bodies look how we want, lol. But then again, I wished that in the beginning and have gotten this far on my own – okay, with a little help from Slimquick. By the way, there was nothing ‘quick’ about that, lol. I stopped taking it several months ago, now that I’m at a healthy BMI. I figure that if I can’t lose any more, that’s okay, so I don’t need to have help. I was worried that I would gain weight when I stopped, but haven’t. In fact, I lost a few more afterwards.

    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I sympathize with you on so many levels. I decided that I wasn’t going to get fanatic this time around with either exercise or calorie restrictions. It has paid off for me. When I lost weight in 1994, I was at the gym 2 hours several days a week. I don’t have that kind of time now. And I wouldn’t want to, lol. I also realize that I had some eating problems back then. I totally respect what you said about not wanting to be fanatic about it. It doesn’t help! In fact, it can hurt. Respecting your body and being healthy is much more important than being skinny:).

    So, if there’s anything I can do to help you bust through this plateau, let me know. I actually have one question for you… You mentioned that you had started walking a couple of weeks ago. That’s awesome! Did you take measurements before you started? Whether you did or didn’t, have you taken some recently? The reason I ask is that since you have added exercise, even if you haven’t lost any weight, you might be toning and firming some things, which will lead to smaller measurements. When I was on a plateau in the past, I found that it was nice to check my measurements and enjoy the changes I was making that way.

    Okay, so I’ve written a novella again, lol. I may post part of this to my blog too:).

    I hope you’re doing okay other than the plateau and wish you continued success on your journey to health!


  2. Oh HK! My heart is breaking for you. I can see it in your eyes how discouraged you are. I am sooooo thrilled that you have stayed on the program though!
    I am fairly new to the program and to health coaching, so I cannot offer you any advise today. I found you because I too have come to a plateau and am looking for the right answers on how to move past it. Your story will definately keep me motivated to try!
    It also motivates me to find an answer!!! Not just for me, but for you. Someone that I have never met but who has touched my heart this morning.
    I am curious what your coach has told you about this?
    I really hope to post in the next few days a wonderful idea that you (some how) haven’t heard before, that is FOOL PROOF!:) I hope that you are not going at this alone, it makes my heart sad to think that you could be alone on this journey. Please feel free to email me directly if you want. I would love to chat with you as we take the next steps together. HAND IN HAND!

    • HI Molly – thanks for your support. My coach has suggested that I “mix it up” and drink more shakes, eat less bars and keep at the exercise. I have seen some success since this post and will update with a new vid asap. Let’s keep in touch and hang in there. One step at a time toward health. – HK

  3. Great! I am going to pay super close attention this week. As I’m not sure that I am eating allllllll of the food I need to. I am skimping on the veggies a little because I am not hungry. BAD ME!:) Email me anytime. I have a webcam too so we can chat live if you wish.
    I am soooo glad to hear that you have made alittle progress since before. Now you might just zooooom forward! Here’s hoping.

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